I’m Pete.

The Creative Physiotherapist

I’m a Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist from the Mornington Peninsula. I love working with all kinds of people to help process physical, emotional, and mental stressors. I am particularly passionate about teaching others to understand the messages their body is trying to tell them and to create a space to listen to these messages. Whether that be physically through physiotherapy and pilates or with kinesiology. I absolutely love educating fellow (current and future) practitioners and helping them learn and grow. I have also recently completed a Diploma of Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy, and cannot wait to implement this as an adjunct therapy.

#getcreative with health

Qualifications: B.Physio, PhD, Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiologist, APPI Matwork Pilates Instructor, Dip. HICAT