Kinesiology Courses

Want to becoming a KINESIOLOGIST? Or simply learn more about kinesiology?

Do you want to become a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology (EMK) Practitioner and be up and running in your own Kinesiology business treating clients and facilitating Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops?  This amazing, specialised and unique system of EMK accredited courses (and the Practitioner Certification Training Program) will have you fully qualified, insured and practicing as a Kinesiologist in under 10 months.

Benefits of this model of training…

  • Unique and specialised
  • Flexible – learn at own pace and timeframes
  • Cost effective – pay as you enrol/complete each course with payment plans available
  • Heaps of practical/hands on practice so that you leave feeling confident
  • Learn from an experienced practitioner and educator
  • Fun and supportive environment

FIRST STEP: Kineasy Intro Course (Investment $695) is a two day Kinesiology foundation beginner course where you will gain full insight into the wonderful world of Kinesiology, learn all the foundations of Kinesiology, accomplish muscle testing, learn life skills, heal with natural remedies and complete your first Kinesiology balance.

The Kineasy Intro Course is also the prerequisite for all other accredited EMK courses (more information to come) covering Elements, Meridians, Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras and Auras. Mastery of the Five Elements is an additional prerequisite for Meridians and Chakra Healing Kinesiology is an additional prerequisite for Transpersonal Chakras and Aura Balancing Kinesiology (as per the pathway diagram above). To be qualified students must complete ALL six courses and then complete the EMK Practitioner Certification Training Program (see below).

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